SUPERFRAME | A National Strategic vision to timber construction in Russian

BOLD presents a new strategic vision for the timber industry in Russia at the Living Environment Forum! Together with our collaborators Apex Project Bureau we have developed a road map into a new future in architecture for the Russian Federation which outlines the opportunities to become a global player in the sustainable construction market.

The strategic vision outlines the process's involved within the particularities of the Russian political system, and how to develop towards a model which offers considerable opportunities for the Russian economy. Using sustainable forestry, countries can actually store millions of tons of CO2 within their built urban fabric! Mass timber construction can create low cost, high quality housing which is highly competitive to existing forms of construction!

Today most realistic climate models predict, that if we are to maintain global temperatures will not increase above the international target of two degrees, carbon capture technology is imperative. BOLD imagines a world whereby our cities can actually become the solution to global warming and not the problem!

More to come soon...!

Team: Max NinucThomas KrallKevin WesterveldMagdalena Mróz

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