SUPERFRAME | A National Strategic vision to timber construction in Russian

BOLD presents a new strategic vision for the timber industry in Russia at the Living Environment Forum! Together with our collaborators Apex Project Bureau we have developed a road map into a new future in architecture for the Russian Federation which outlines the opportunities to become a global player in the sustainable construction market.

The strategic vision outlines the process's involved within the particularities of the Russian political system, and how to develop towards a model which offers considerable opportunities for the Russian economy. Using sustainable forestry, countries can actually store millions of tons of CO2 within their built urban fabric! Mass timber construction can create low cost, high quality housing which is highly competitive to existing forms of construction!

Today most realistic climate models predict, that if we are to maintain global temperatures will not increase above the international target of two degrees, carbon capture technology is imperative. BOLD imagines a world whereby our cities can actually become the solution to global warming and not the problem!

More to come soon...!

Team: Max NinucThomas KrallKevin WesterveldMagdalena Mróz

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SUPERFRAME | 2nd Place!!

FANTASTIC NEWS!! Project Superframe wins Second Prize for the International competition for Standard Housing and Residential Development in Russia!!! 🎉🍾 🏗️

How to define a livable city in the Russian context in the 21st century? We designed a humanistic cityscape re-establishing the existing Russian Microrayon into a new kind of district that creates livable, walkable neighborhoods. Rather than the existing isolated block typology, our model proposes courtyards to create public & private spaces with in-between pedestrian zones for activities and public functions.

We believe cities should be fun, engaging, easy to navigate through, offering new possibilities for the urban citizen! Our proposal re-evaluates contemporary urban life and new modes of living. We propose greater individual expression in the city fabric, timber architecture and standardized systems offering sustainable & affordable housing!

Collaborators: APEX project bureau

Team: Kevin WesterveldMagdalena MrózMax NinucThomas KrallGeoff Eberle

Competition Organizers: Strelka KB, Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design

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SUPERFRAME | Could Timber become the future for the Russian housing industry?

Last week we were in Moscow discussing with Igor Shuvalov (Deputy Prime Minister), Mikhail Men (Minister of Construction Industry) and Alexander Plutnik (Director General of Agency For Housing Mortgage Lending) on the future of the next standard of Russian housing.

With over 900 million m2 of housing to upgraded throughout Russia, this will be one of the largest redevelopments in history. We are arguing for wood as the primary material to be used, to bring about a new and unprecedented sustainable future to the Russian housing industry. We can create cheaper homes, at better quality and individualized spaces. Our proposal would be a substantial upgrade to the existing Russian market. We are now in second phase and hoping to make this become a reality!!



Many thanks to the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design for hosting the event!

HOBBEMA | Second Phase!

YAHOOOOO!! Project HOBBEMA ∞ is going to become a reality!! 
Hobbemaplein, is a community based project, seeking to transform a busy roundabout and intersection into a super active public plaza! The community expressed the need for a lively landmark which would breathe new identity into the area and tie together multiple cultures!

The project frames the site, protecting from the busy traffic, and displays a landmark entrance for the area. The site is divided in two creating an urban and green plaza, so the the project can be used throughout the seasons! The frame becomes a continuous path unifying the site, into a interactive public space.

We hope to break ground early December!!🎈🍾🎉

Thank you to Perron 14 for organizing the community meetings and public involvement, we look forward to continued collaboration! A big thank you to Gemeente Den Haag, for organizing the competition and for selecting our proposal. Thank you for Art-S-Cool for the amazing children's design and input into the area - It's great to see the next generation of artists and designers having an input in their own spaces at such a young age. Most importantly, thank you to all the community members, who took part and had your say, and we hope to develop further communication throughout the process!

AWESOME TEAM: Kevin Westerveld Thomas Krall Geoff Eberle Kim Christensen Stefan Plugaru Max Ninuc Hedwig Johanna van der LindenMagdalena Mróz

A big thanks too PxK Design for your continued structural input!


SUPERFRAME | Second Phase!

AMAZING NEWS!!! We have been selected to the second stage for our proposal for the the next generation of mass housing in Russia!

The competition asked for a scheme which could be adapted in a variety of situations to create a new standard for low cost housing. Based upon Russian individuality, common spaces, and their massive supply of timber, we proposed mass timber housing with individualized bespoke facade panels!! We designed a courtyard typology instead of the usual block typology's of the soviet union, to bring about a new community future.

By creating a new standard in timber housing we can effectively reverse climate change, by storing large amounts of Co2 within the building fabric, all for a more or less similar price to the typical concrete housing of today!

GREAT TEAM WITH :Kevin Westerveld, Maxime Cunin, Thomas Krall, Magdalena Mróz, Geoff Eberle

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