SUPERFRAME | Second Phase!

AMAZING NEWS!!! We have been selected to the second stage for our proposal for the the next generation of mass housing in Russia!

The competition asked for a scheme which could be adapted in a variety of situations to create a new standard for low cost housing. Based upon Russian individuality, common spaces, and their massive supply of timber, we proposed mass timber housing with individualized bespoke facade panels!! We designed a courtyard typology instead of the usual block typology's of the soviet union, to bring about a new community future.

By creating a new standard in timber housing we can effectively reverse climate change, by storing large amounts of Co2 within the building fabric, all for a more or less similar price to the typical concrete housing of today!

GREAT TEAM WITH :Kevin Westerveld, Maxime Cunin, Thomas Krall, Magdalena Mróz, Geoff Eberle

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